Instructions for guests

You are warmly welcome to Villa Valosa!

Thank you for choosing Villa Valosa for your holiday destination. We wish you enjoy your stay!

Here we have compiled operating instructions for building technology and equipment as well as some practical tips and guidelines to ensure a smooth holiday.

Please read and follow these instructions to ensure that guests after you can also enjoy intact and functional equipment.



You will receive directions for the key before arriving Villa Valosa.

Accommodation and number of guests

The Villa has beds for eight (8) guests. The number of people must not be exceeded.

The beds are in two bedrooms (2 + 2) and a loft (4). All beds have duvets and pillows.

Bed linen must be used. Guests bring own linen or linen can be rented separately (15€/ linen and towels). All beds are 80 cm wide, the double bed is two 80 cm beds together.

Alarm system, fire and burglar alarms

The cottage is equipped with an alarm system that also monitors the quality of the apartment’s indoor air.

The cottage security is deactivated before you arrive or you will receive instructions on how to deactivate it. However, fire alarms cannot be switched off. If the alarm system is activated, for example due to a fire alarm, you must immediately contact the alarm center and report the situation.

The telephone number of the alarm center is 010 217 9100

In the event of an accident

Illnesses and accidents that require urgent treatment are treated in the emergency department of Lohja Hospital.

Sairaalatie 8, 08200 Lohja. Entrance from the hospital’s B-door.. Call the toll-free number 116 117 before you seek emergency care
In the event of an emergency, call the general emergency number 112

In the event of damage

In the event of damage to people, the property or the furniture, the landlord must be notified immediately.

Pet policy

Pets are welcome at Villa Valosa, but please note a few important points.

Agree with the landlord on pets in advance.

Pets are not allowed in the beds, sofas or armchairs. Please consider the comfort of your pet and bring a suitable sleeping pad for him. The cottage has drink and food bowls for dogs. Please pay special attention to removing any pet hair from furniture, so that the next guests can enjoy their holiday.

Collect your pet’s droppings away from the yard and lawn area. There is a shovel for this in storage room. The waste is collected in a garbage bag and disposed of like other rubbish by taking it to a large rubbish bin on the other side of Salo-Inkootie, in Kuivassuontie. The lawn can’t stand a dog rally. The fields on either side of the cottage are good areas for dogs outside. The lake Vähäjärvi is a bird protection lake, so please pay attention to it with your pets. The area has great outdoor terrain for jogging.

Guidelines and house rules

The following things are forbidden

  • Smoking indoors
  • Leaving electrical appliances running and leaving the water tap open when guests are away
  • Removal of liquids (water, juice) with a vacuum cleaner
  • Damage to furniture
  • Use of barbeque inside or on the wooden terrace and near the buildings

At the end of your stay – Cleaning instructions

Final cleaning is not included in the rental price. The cleaning of the cottage and the environment during and at the end of stay is taken care of by the customer himself, unless otherwise agreed.

Please remember to clean all the facilities before you leave so that the places are in good condition for the next guests.

Cleaning service must be ordered at the time of booking. Regular price for cleaning service is 150€.

At the end of stay, it is the duty of each guest to take care of the following general cleaning matters, regardless of whether the rent includes fianl cleaning service or not.

  • Taking the rubbish and bottles to a collection point (Kuivassuotie on the other side of Salo-Inkoo road)
  • Washing and putting dishes in place (emptying dishwasher)
  • Cleaning barbeque
  • Cleaning the terrace, yard and beach from trash and traces

Cleaning instructions for guests who want to clean themselves

Please read the cleaning instructions carefully in advance so that you know what level of cleanliness we offer and require. Allow enough time for cleaning on the day of departure. It takes about 3 hours to clean the cottage according to the instructions. The cottage should be at least as clean on handing as it was on receipt. Cleaning products and detergents can be found at Villa Valosa.


  • Wipe kitchen hobs and surfaces as well as tables and refrigerator.
  • Clean the stove, oven, oven hobs and microwave.
  • Empty the dishwasher and put the dishes in place.
  • Close the taps of the washing machine. Valvelock in vertical position.
  • Close the cooker hood.

Sauna, washrooms and toilet

  • Wipe all surfaces with damp cloth
  • Wash basins, toilet seat and mirror cabinet.
  • Vacuum the floors and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Drain the washing machine, open the lid and close the tap. Unplug the power cord from the wall.

Living and bedrooms

  • Take out and ventilate carpets and bedding
  • Place the beds carefully.
  • Vacuum the floors (also under furniture), the carpets, the armchairs and the sofa. Wipe floors and surfaces with a damp cloth.
  • Drain the washing machine, open the lid and close the tap. Unplug the power cord from the wall.
  • Empty ashes from the fireplace

When leaving, turn off the lights, close the windows, leave the keys on kitchen table. Finally, make sure the doors are locked.



Rental price includes a reasonable amount of firewood for the fireplace

Before lighting the fire in stove, do the following 3 steps:
1) open slightly the kitchen ventilation window, 2) switch off the kitchen hood and 3) switch on the stove hood from the clock switch located next to the front door. These steps will ensure traction and prevent smoke from entering the cottage. However, if smoke gets inside, open all the doors and turn on the kitchen hood.

The cottage is equipped with fire alarms and initial fire-fighting equipment.

Initial fire-fighting equipment: Fire-fighting cover and powder extinguisher can be found in the hallway. When fire alarms turn on, make sure there is no fire. Then call the security alert center and explain the situation.

The telephone number to alarm center is 010 217 9100

Sauna and bathroom

Sauna is equipped with the Harvia Kivi stove with a digital control panel. From the control panel, you can easily switch on/off the stove and adjust the sauna temperature. Comfortable steam is available at + 85C degrees. The amount and gentleness of the steam are controlled by throwing the steam water either on the side of the stove or on a stone pillar. Switch off the sauna immediately after finishing taking a sauna.

Before entering sauna, set the air conditioning on the kitchen hood to the ‘sauna’ position by turning the knob clockwise, and start the fan at a rate of 2. In this way, the room air in the sauna and bathroom changes better and the rooms also dry faster after use.


The kitchen has all the most common appliances, crockery and a tableware for 12 people. Please leave feedback on any deficiencies.


Dishwasher is UPO D6733V. 

Before use, open the inlet water of the washing machine from the small valvelock found in the kitchen faucet by turning it horizontally. After washing, be sure to close the valve by turning it to the upright position. Leave the washing machine door slightly open.

Detergent tablets can be found at the bottom of the basin cabinet.

In the event of a dishwasher malfunction, try restarting the machine with a different program. More detailed operating instructions and eg error codes can be found in the operating instructions

Report the fault condition to the landlord.



The trampoline is for the youngest in the family, not the adults.
Take off shoes – Shoes should not be worn on the trampoline.
Only one at a time on the trampoline.
Use of trampoline only under parental supervision and responsibility

Hot tub

During the summer season, the rental price includes the use of tub and the necessary firewood. Outside the summer season, use of tub is at an additional cost.

Detailed instructions are provided separately and specifically for summer and winter seasons.

Rowing boat

The boat is on the beach and oars can be found in the storage room. Boat pin is on the bottom of the boat. Before use, insert the pin into the hole and after use, remove the pin to prevent the boat from filling with rainwater. Life jackets for the young of the family are found inside the cottage in the wardrobe.


You can fish in the lake by angling (hook and line) and ice fishing. They belong to the so-called general fishing rights and you do not need a separate fishing permit or state fish card. In storage room you can find fishing rods and ice auger.

By paying the state fishing fee, you can also fish with casting and lure. All persons aged 18-64 who fish other than by angling and ice fishing are liable for the fishery management fee. Fishing permits for use of nets are not available.

Separate rules for the outdoors

There are other houses and cottages around Lake Vähäjärvi, although there is plenty of peace in Villa Valosa. Respect your neighbors.

The following things are prohibited

  • Intentional damage to buildings, outdoor furniture and equipment, trees and shrubs
  • making an open fire
  • Leaving the barbeque grill and/or Kadai-firebowl unattended. Please use the grill on a non-combustible surface
  • Noise and interference with too loud music (including in cars), use of fireworks
  • Cleaning fish on the terrace and/or outdoor table
  • littering
  • motor vehicle washing
  • digging fishing worms in the yard

The instructions have been created to help you and all users of Villa Valosa to enjoy your stay. Please follow the instructions.


0500 931 555 /Minja

050 593 7573 /Juha-Pekka

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